The Most Unique Crossover Is Here at Kia Liffey Valley. Here it is, Kia’s most surprising and extraordinary crossover ever built. No, you didn’t misread it. With this car you will experience the top qualities of a modern crossover: compact exterior, roomy and refined interior, harmonically blended with the best talents of a true hybrid, highly efficient engine with high fuel economy and low emissions. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Benefit from the hybrid engine, combining efficiency with power. Hybrid Spirit Open the door of the new Kia Niro and get in. Now you are sitting in a powerful crossover that is also eco-friendly, reliable, rich with technology and fun to drive. A crossover with a hybrid spirit. Not bad, right? Hybrid Body Excitement at first sight. The new Kia Niro quickly attracts with its aerodynamic and sharp, modern lines. The Niro’s front is crowned by Kia’s signature grille and thrilling Bi-Xenon Lights, which can easily turn the darkest night into day.

Excited? Look inside the high-class, roomy interior with glossy accents, full leather seats and a spacious boot. Awesome? Check! Hybrid Karma You can do great things if you have the right idea. That’s exactly the case with the new Kia Niro. Combining its crossover-inspired silhouette with low emissions, the Niro delivers class-leading fuel economy in the compact crossover segment, as well as a unique driving experience: relaxing and yet energising. Welcome on board, Hi-Tech! Lane Keeping Assist System It's good to have a “third eye” when you are driving. Sometimes you may not notice that your car is drifting into next lane. When this happens, you will get a quick warning from the beeping icon on your dashboard. 8-inch navigation with Kia‘s Connected Services powered by TomTom and Android Auto™ Besides an excellent navigation system, the new Niro includes an impressive connectivity package to keep you up-to-date, while Android Auto™ lets you connect your smartphone for hands-free use. Wireless Cellular Phone Charging System Tired of all the cable fuzz? The new Kia Niro comes with a Wireless Charger. Just place your phone on it, and it will start instantly charging, without attaching any cables. Autonomous Emergency Braking System with Pedestrian Detection Safety is teamwork. Having this feature in “your team” is a great help. In case of unexpected collision threat, the Kia Niro will assist you by activating the emergency braking system. (1) Driving a crossover with a good conscience? Absolutely real. The new Kia Niro. Crossover. Hybrid. Also the Fully Electric Version coming soon to Kia Liffey Valley.

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