At Kia Liffey Valley we are so confident in the quality of our cars that we can offer an industry leading warranty that gives our customers wonderful security and peace of mind. It also ensures that your car continues to hold its value into the future as the warranty is transferable.

Our 7 year warranty gives you peace of mind and demonstrates our trust and confidence in the production quality of our manufacturing operations both in Europe and around the world. An example of this is our state-of-the-art factory in Zilina, Slovakia. Many international journalists and even representatives from our competitors have visited and were blown away! The absolute quality of our products and the high productivity in the Kia factories has reached the point that we now want to share confidence in the Kia products with our customers.


The Kia 7 year/ 150,000km warranty is effective on all vehicles registered from 1st January 2010. 

The 7 year warranty is a full manufacturer’s warranty. The exact terms and conditions vary slightly between models* and some items have a natural limited lifetime/ durability and are therefore covered for less than 7 years, but as a minimum:




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*full details can be found in vehicle warranty manual 

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